• 4 Agency locations. The cheapest one will be over 2 million.
• The Agency can be customized with artwork, color selections, wallpaper selections, personal quarters, armory, and a vehicle workshop.
• The story will be heist-like in structure – smaller missions/preparations, followed by a finale.
• You will be able to request perks from your Agency contact, such as calling in a company SUV, going off the radar, or finding a bike for you.
• 15 new vehicles: such as Cinquemila, Reever, and Shinobi. There will also be a new Granger and Baller variant. And of course the Deity, a new Patriot and Buffalo variant, as confirmed by alloc8or, and the Champion and Jubilee as confirmed by Rockstar, and a new Comet variant (the S2 Cabrio) as seen in the trailer.
• 3 weapons – Stun Gun, Compact EMP Launcher, and the Heavy Rifle. The stun gun will be different from the one in single player.
• New weapon style variants (similar to the christmas Up-n-Atomizer), likely for the Heavy Rifle
• Hella lot of new clothing options; including t-shirts, earrings, hats, masks, etc. In addition, there will also be new facepaints and new tattoos.

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