Enjoy life in the lap of luxury, whether you’re tearing up asphalt in an exclusive supercar or cutting a wake across open waters in the wide expanse of the Pacific Ocean. This week’s all about access to the upper crust of local living, but it’s not just about kicking back: wage war on the high seas, shop for exotic vehicles, or help Martin Madrazo tie up a few loose ends. The choice is yours.

Stake your claim on the high seas — complete A Superyacht Life missions this week to earn a bounteous haul of 4X GTA$ and RP. Plus, there are three additional GTA$100K bonuses available this week — one each for completing Salvage, Icebreaker, or D-Day.

Players who purchase the Galaxy Super Yacht between now and July 6 (available at a 50% discount this week) and complete all six A Superyacht Life missions will receive a GTA$1M rebate to their Maze Bank account. All GTA$ bonuses and rebates are delivered within 72 hours of completion.

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