Visit the tropical shores of Cayo Perico to take advantage of halved prep costs when staking out Juan Strickler’s sun-soaked citadel — and the opportunity to loot the elusive Panther Statue once between now and November 21 — while all GTA+ Members are still guaranteed to encounter the Panther Statue in El Rubio’s inner sanctum every week during the current GTA+ Membership event (ends December 12). The Cayo Perico Series is also offering Double Rewards, while there are additional bonuses for discovering Hidden Caches back in Southern San Andreas.

If you haven’t dipped your toes into this island-based Heist yet, visit The Music Locker located in The Diamond Casino & Resort to get started. Meanwhile, revisiting The Prison Break and Series A Funding Heists will result in double the usual take on the Finales through November 21.

Read on for more and check back on Tuesday, November 22, as The Heists Event reaches its conclusion with a high stakes Community Challenge.

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