• Rockstar changed the list of disabled daily challenges to suit the new modes that were brought back and adjusted the weekly challenges:
 ○ Thursday – Participate in Deathmatch
 ○ Friday – Participate in Featured Series
 ○ Saturday – Participate in Offense Defense
 ○ Sunday – Participate in Here Come the Monsters
 ○ Monday – Participate in Land Race
 ○ Tuesday – Complete Contact Mission
 ○ Wednesday – Participate in Transform Series

• Challenges for select disabled adversary modes were also enabled suggesting the return of these modes most

• Select disabled adversary modes likely to return soon:
 ○ Come Out To Play
 ○ Slasher
 ○ Drop Zone
 ○ Entourage
 ○ Motor Wars
 ○ Hunting Pack (Remix)

From Tez2: https://twitter.com/TezFunz2

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